Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Playoffs?- West

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are around the corner and that's when Murphy's Law takes over. Many times before as the underdog gotten hot at the right time and manages to sneak through the cracks.
Then, before ya know it they're lifting and kissing The Cup after you failed to realize the magic.

That's why I love the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

It looks like at the moment when the puck drops the Blues' will be matched up against division rival Minnesota. The Wild started out as one of the league's top teams, but since the turn of the new year have fallen off slightly.

It's a common assumption that the Wild will consistently be great in the regular season and then blow it in the postseason. That's what this blogger is hoping for, the Blues are playing at the near top of their game (finally). Also Jake Allen has remembered how to play goaltender (FINALLY).

If we can get past the Wild in the first round I believe will give St. Louis the confidence needed to beat Chicago. Which is always a helluva series, this year being no different. After Chicago the Western Conference should be theirs for the taking.

Outside of the 'Hawks and Wild the Pacific Division is weak this year. Although you never know what can happen as stated before. The Blues should be able to handle any team after defeating those previous two.

Putting St. Louis over the hump that is the Western Conference Championship and into the Stanley Cup Final. At that point, I'm not as confident if they can complete it. The East is extremely tough, but that's for another day.

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