Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Nothing Like Playoff Hockey

With the first round of the playoffs coming to an end, there has been no disappointment. Unless of course you're a Blackhawks or Wild fan, to which I just have to say "HAHAAHAHAH."

Last night all four games managed to go into overtime, also every game had a team comeback from down at least two goals. What an outrageous night of hockey. Already this year there have been some major surprises and upsets.

Lets start with the obvious, the Chicago Blackhawks have somehow forgotten how to play hockey. The first two games, at home I'll add, they didn't even score a goal! Only in hockey can you see an eighth seed go up 3-0 on the number one seed.

I thrive in this misery of the 'Hawks. As an avid Blues fan seeing these struggles makes me smile, unfortunately they will have to play Nashville next. Which will be a great serious.

The Minnesota Wild surprise surprise are choking in the playoffs. Like I said in previous posts they are consistently one of the best teams in the NHL all season long, then fall apart in March and the playoffs. While on the other side St. Louis is firing on all cylinders for the first time all season.

Jake Allen has been lights out, and I'll admit, I've given my fair share of critiques on him but he's figured it out. Ever since the firing of Hitchcock and the new regime of Mike Yeo, Allen has been the best in the league. Through the first three games of the series he's posted an astonishing .91 GAA while also having a .974 save percentage. Lets not forget that 51 save performance in Game 1.

Wow, is that a good three game stretch or what?!

Over in the East the number one overall seed and Presidents' Cup winners are struggling more than ever. All by the likes of a bunch of teenagers out just having fun. The youth and inexperience of Toronto might be a strength rather than the weakness most thought.

Now I said the Leafs would give Washington some trouble, but through three games I didn't think they would play this well. Giving the Capitals everything they can.

It's a little early to predict the final outcomes I know, but unless Minnesota, Chicago, and Washington make some major changes their season will be over soon. Tonight will be the final test and if the Blues get a first round sweep, that will give all the momentum in the world.


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