Tuesday, April 25, 2017

NFL Draft Special

This Thursday marks the annual NFL Draft and this year, like every year, is covered in storylines and debate. Who will the Browns pick? How many teams will take a QB higher than they should? Which guys are the busts and which are the diamonds in the rough?

For the first pick of the draft it still appears the Cleveland Browns will pick Myles Garrett. A guy who is an absolute monster in all the tests. Plus an immediate pass rusher that should be able to make an impact like Joey Bosa did once he got going.

The only issues are that some former players have openly spoke against Garrett. Saying "he's lazy," or that "he only makes about 4 great plays a game." Those coming from Warren Sapp.

Next, you have the issue of who will pick a QB and which one will it be? At the moment it looks like Mitchell Trubisky from North Carolina is who people are liking more. Which confuses me because the kid has only played 13 games!

I know his mechanics looks good and he could be great in the future. But none of the teams that are going to be picking him will be getting him to develop. They are going to throw him out on the field too soon and ruin him.

You haven't seen enough from this guy to say "Oh yeah he's our guy right now."

Whereas Deshaun Watson from the National Champion Clemson Tigers has a lot more tape. Not only does he have the quickest release out of the field of QBs in the draft, but you can see how he played in virtually every situation possible.

You know what you're getting more with Watson, a great playmaker, who has always shown great poise under pressure, durable, and reliable. The last one being the most important, he's not an off the field headache.

I'm not saying he's going to have a Dak Prescott breakout year or anything, Watson's still got a lot of work to do as well. But if we're talking about the QBs in this draft he's the most ready to begin play in the NFL.

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