Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Down Go The Blackhawks!

It's official, the Chicago Blackhawks are knocked out of the Stanley Cup playoffs. All done by the eighth seeded Nashville Predators non less! The dynasty that was the 'Hawks is now over.

Whether it's getting to be around the time the veteran players are too dinged up while the younger players don't have the experience to overcome it. Especially when you go down three games and scoring only two goals.

As a Blues fan I can't help but feel happy. Even if it's just for a short time, we still have to finish off Minni. The Western Conference is full of teams that seem more than capable to go all the way.

Unlike that of the East, where it's going to come down to New York Rangers or the always annoying Penguins. Washington is facing issues handling the young inexperienced Maple Leafs team. Let alone a team like Pittsburgh who has seemed to have their number.

Not even a couple of former St. Louis stars can catch a break in the playoffs. Both going from one team who blows it in the playoffs to the other.

I can't not talk about Jake Allen here, over the past few games is playing lights out again. Just unfortunately the rest of the team came out slow, dead, and nervous. Game 5 will be interesting in St. Paul with the series on the line.

I'm not so sure if we can get it done there. Bringing it back to home ice for Game 6, that's when the Blues take it. Luckily in the second round they will have home ice advantage against Nashville.

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