Thursday, April 6, 2017

Playoffs?- East

This year's Stanley Cup Playoffs are going to be exciting this year in the East. Unlike the Western Conference where it really only comes down to a few teams and a wild card (Go Blues!).

But the other half of the league is a little more open for the taking. The Metropolitan Division with Pittsburg, Washington, Columbus, and the Rangers. Then you got the always powerful Montreal Canadians and the young guns in Toronto.

The saying "anything can happen," never truer than in this case. While I would like to sit here and say that this is going to finally be the year the Capitals get over the hump; I don't know for sure.

Yeah they have some of the best goal scorers in hockey and just locked up their defense, with another acquisition from the Blues; but the road this year is going to be tough. Lucky for them though is if the current standings hold, Columbus and Pittsburg will knock each other out.

If the Capitals can get past the fast and electric Maple Leafs, led by the outstanding rookie Austin Mathews, they won't have to face them until the Conference Championship.

The problem, they most likely will face the ever dangerous Habs in the second round. It's a tough road to get over the youth and speed in the first, then the veterans and physical play of Montreal.

All followed by either the Penguins or Blue Jackets in the Eastern final.

Who knows for sure if they can pull it off. But if Washington can get moving and get momentum on their side, then they might be able to finally reach the mountain peak.

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