Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Las Vegas... Golden Knights?

I thought having a professional hockey team in places like Florida, Arizona, and even Nashville were crazy. But, this new expansion team takes the cake bar none. Las Vegas, of all cities in America, is where the NHL thinks should have a team?

I got nothing against Sin City, it's the place of fun and excited. Although it is right in the middle of the desert. What Las Vegas native was sitting around their house going, "We need a hockey team."

The city is growing at a exponentially rapid pace, but there are plenty of other options to expand the NHL brand. How about the greater Northwest? Somewhere in Northern California or Washington State.

Hopes for success are falling all over them right now, and they deserve to succeed. I just don't think in a place like Las Vegas, a hockey team can grow and develop into a franchise the city and its people love.

Not only is the city itself a wonder, but the name of the newest edition to the NHL is just laughable. The Golden Knights, really?

Whoever was in charge of choosing the name and logo for the team should be fired before it even begins. Choose something that has a close connection to city. Don't just pick something random because you think sounds cool.

It's a complete rip off of Army, the Army Golden Knights. As well as the logo in general is a copyright issue. The logo resembles the helmet the character Magneto wears in Marvel's X-Men series.

Not a good start to the organization as a whole. But on the bright side, there's only one way to go. And with a whole lot of young, hungry players coming of age; as well as players from other teams, the Golden Knights of Las Vegas have a shot.

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