Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Midwinter Blues May Change With the Season

Hello and I apologize for not posting about hockey in awhile. It has been the end of the football season and frankly I've been coping with it.

But, that did not take me away from noticing my team, the St. Louis Blues, fired our head coach Ken Hitchcock. It's hard to say whether or not this was a good move at first. I understand as much as any other fan the trouble the Blues have had this season.

The inconsistency at goalie and making poor decisions with the puck. St. Louis has made winning three or more games in a row way more difficult than it use to be. So, I understand management needed to make a change.

The fact that executives in hockey don't care about the "legendary" status Hitchcock has. The biggest thing they worry about is wins, and winning the greatest trophy in sports. The Stanley Cup. I must applaud the front offices of the Blues for this move now.

After making the decision, the team seems to be responding well. The new Head Coach Mike Yeo seems to be having the team in a good spot, asking a little more of them. Jake Allen doesn't look like he's scared to get hit by the puck lately.

Here's to having our fingers crossed and hope that we can go on a late season run into the playoffs. Then by a stroke of luck, win the first Stanley Cup in franchise history on the 50th anniversary. Until then, lets hope for some good hockey.

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