Thursday, January 26, 2017

Young Guns Ready to Carry The Torch

There's no doubt that the NHL is leaning towards a faster, more skillful style of play. There is no better time for the game to be changing, with young, dazzling skaters on the ice that are taking over the league. 

Let's start with the guy that has become the youngest captain in the league's 100 year history, Connor McDavid. 

In a time when the game is changing from brute strength to skill and speed, McDavid is a prime example of a complete player.With 57 points McDavid leads the NHL, yes even over the "masterful" Sydney Crosby. 

If I were a GM and building a team around one young player, McDavid would easily be that guy. He's young, he's a leader, he's a team player and only wants to win.

Next, we have the high scoring Toronto Maple Leaf, Austin Mathews. This young American hockey star is fourth in the league with 23 goals. 

The tenacity in which he scores and manages to find opportunities for others is out of this world for a teenage rookie.Much like Ovechkin, he seems to just find enough ice to get off a clean shot. If Mathews get off a clean shot, the puck is going in.

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